American Divisions

There are probably about 60% of Americans now that believe in a much more authoritarian government. About half of those are on the far right and half on the far left. Then there are the 40% in between that are split between more or less authoritarian. Yet somehow we must all find a way to live together in the same country.

Few people are truly evil. Everyone has those they care about. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters. Extended families. Best friends and acquaintances. They try to be good people, however they may define good. Some are taught what is good by their families. Some in church. Some in school. Some from learning and making up their own minds.

Throughout most of history, and far before, people were defined by what group or tribe they belonged to, a collective identity. America is the only country that was founded on the basis of ideas, not identity. The individual, not the group.

Yet these days it seems as if we're doing our best to throw all that away. You are now to be defined by your immutable characteristics. The color of your skin. Your sex. Whatever victimhood you claim. This is a huge step backwards. A retreat from civilization. A battle of all against all. How are we to build a better country on this basis?

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