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This is a perfect example of reporting bias in an effort to make a particular point of view more appealing. By only giving a small slice of a picture and then implying that it’s representative of the whole picture, it’s just a shade of, in today’s doublespeak, misspeaking.

Obama Administration Eyes Health Care in Green Bay as Possible Model – President Obama touches down today in Green Bay, Wis., he will be landing in one of the highest-value health communities in the nation, a city that by numerous measures has managed to control medical spending while steadily improving health outcomes.

and also

In the final two years of a patient’s life, for example, they found that Medicare spent an average of $46,412 per beneficiary nationwide, with the typical patient spending 19.6 days in the hospital, including 5.1 in the intensive-care unit. Green Bay patients cost $33,334 with 14.1 days in the hospital and just 2.1 days in the ICU, while in Miami and Los Angeles, the average cost of care exceeded $71,000, and total hospitalization was about 28 days with 12 in the ICU.</ br></ br>
Some differences can be explained by big-city prices, acknowledged Elliott Fisher, principal investigator for the Dartmouth Atlas Project, “but the differences that are really important are due to the differences in utilization rates.”

Differences in utilization rates in plain english is people not being admitted to hospitals and not receiving intensive care when they are. Can you say “rationing?”

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