Are Some Minorities More Right Then Others?

The common wisdom has it that the American white male has all the advantages and that anyone else is automatically relegated to a lesser status. If that’s the case then why do we find the following:

Published: June 6, 2009

Asian-Americans are renowned — or notorious — for ruining grade curves in schools across the land, and as a result they constitute about 20 percent of students at Harvard College.

As for Jews, they have received about one-third of all Nobel Prizes in science received by Americans. One survey found that a quarter of Jewish adults in the United States have earned a graduate degree, compared with 6 percent of the population as a whole.

West Indian blacks, those like Colin Powell whose roots are in the Caribbean, are one-third more likely to graduate from college than African-Americans as a whole, and their median household income is almost one-third higher.

What is the difference in these groups? Blacks from the Caribbean are just as black as any other. There’s no way to tell them from any other blacks and yet they consistently outperform the averages. Jews have been discriminated against for hundreds if not thousands of years, yet they consistently do better than the average. Asian Americans? Shoot, we put a bunch of them in internment camps for years less than 60 years ago.

The only consistent differences are in culture. All three of these groups come from and pass down a culture that respects and expects education and effort from their children. Maybe it’s not just a racial discrimination thing after all?

Think about it.

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