Time To Get Out The Vote … For NOTA

With primary elections underway across the country, I thought I’d throw in my two cents worth on the question of voting.

I Voted!

I urge everyone to go and vote, even if there’s only one issue or person you consider worth voting for. The fact that someone or something is on a ballot doesn’t mean you have to vote for or against that person or issue. Don’t vote the lesser of two evils.
Don’t vote for or against anything or anyone that you’re not actually, knowingly, understandingly casting your vote about. Not voting on any given race or issue is essentially voting for NOTA (None Of The Above)
The winner of an election never brags about being less bad than the other choices. Every vote is regarded as supporting what that person or issue stands for.
Exaggerating in the interest of making a point: If your choice is between Hitler and Stalin, whichever of them gets the most votes is going to say that all these people were voting FOR him and what he stands for.
What if, on the other hand, there was also a referendum on the ballot that got 10,000 votes one way or the other while Hitler got 124 votes and Stalin got 178. Stalin may “win” the election, but there’s no way it can be spun as having gotten a mandate from the electorate. Next election rolls around you can bet  there will be much better candidates running because they know that there’s a big pool of voters who really didn’t like the choices they had in the last one.
Nevada has had a NOTA option for statewide races on its ballots since 1976 and there’s a bill in the New Hampshire Legislature to add it to the ballot there. At the start, if NOTA won, a new election for that office had to be held. Guess what … NOTA won too many elections and it was quickly changed to a non-binding vote, similar to Stalin “winning” the hypothetical election against Hitler. It has had an effect on office holders and future candidates knowing that more people wanted neither of the candidates than who voted for the one who won.


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