Guess What? Men And Women Are Different!

I've always been the girl and then woman who did and wanted to do things that we weren't supposed to do. I've loved science and mechanics my whole life. Never had a Barbie doll and my favorite present ever was the optics kit I got one year for a Christmas present. The girl who wanted to take shop (but wasn't allowed), who wanted to join the rocketry club (wasn't allowed to do that either) and learn to run the big carbon arc 35mm projector (that I got - I had to do all the secretarial work to get them to agree, but I still got to do it). I had to get to the mailbox first so I could get the pamphlets I sent for from the AEC (the forerunner to today's NRC) because Mom would throw them out if she found them.

Later I had no problem doing roofing (although I couldn't get on some jobs because the men thought it was bad luck and wouldn't go up if I was on the crew) or other casual labor. I could unload up to 200 pounds of dog food bags at a time. I learned to drive an 18 wheeler. I was in the second group of women ever hired by Western Electric as installers. Then when I went back to school I made my own energy engineering degree (since they weren't available then) by doing a concurrent double major in electrical and mechanical engineering. It wasn't unusual for me to be the only woman in the class.

But even with all that background doing what was then rare for women, I've always been PO'ed when I'd hear the later feminists say that there's no difference between men and women. There are differences. Innate differences. We can go beyond them, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

When a woman is pregnant, our balance is all off. When a woman has a child at suckle it's hard to keep a baby quiet in order to hunt. Women are more dependant on others at various times for pure survival. Some of those traits have been genetically selected for in terms of species survival.

None of that has anything to do with the abilities of any particular woman at any given time outside of dealing with babies, but the fact is, we do have different strengths and weaknesses.

A strong woman can be stronger than most men, but the strongest man is always going to be stronger than the strongest woman. Our center of balance is in a different region of our bodies. That's why women playing basketball always seem a bit awkward. We don't move the same and basketball happens to be a sport where those differences become noticeable. Men are better runners, especially sprints. But for long slow travel, pick a woman. We can keep going longer. Our brains are even wired differently. The brain centers associated with words, emotions, and actions get activated in different orders. We have a higher pain tolerance ... maybe to help us get through delivery. I was in labor for 38 hours. And I can tell you that it HURTS!

Acknowledging those facts isn't misogynistic, in and of itself. Nor is it sexist. We are not blank slates at birth.

No matter how hard the SJWs try to change it, most girls still prefer dolls and most boys still prefer trucks.

The fact that women are assumed to be the ones who should, by default, keep and raise the children is rooted in biology, but biology hasn't caught up with today's technology that makes anything outside of those last few months of pregnancy almost irrelevant to actual child rearing. They learn fast enough that it doesn't matter who's holding the bottle (unless you're breast feeding), they get fed.

Social changes that broad and basic, especially when there are inherent genetic tendencies involved, take a long time to work their way through. It's not just a matter of writing a piece of legislation and expecting everything to change overnight or even in just a couple of years.

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What’s The Solution?

The real problem is that there are NO *solutions* possible to most human problems. There are only tradeoffs. Even so, people emotionally demand the impossible and that’s where the ideologues step in with their invalid premises and promises.

The only thing that is unlimited is human desires. All resources are finite and their most efficient economic allocation is learned through the mechanism of prices. Some win, some lose but most people, on average, improve their lot. No politician or appointee or committee or any other human created group can possibly have sufficient information to more efficiently allocate those resources.

That is assuming that people actually have the freedom to make their own decisions as to what they really want and at what price they’re willing to pay for it, no matter whether or not that’s what some elite thinks they do or should want.

The self-proclaimed elites on all sides insist that they are the ones who should decide what people can or can’t have or do because they are so much wiser or more moral or more caring or whatever label they chose to use. They may mean to rule well, but they do mean to rule. What they do with the economy is just one of their tools.

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